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Close Proximity Pyrotechnics, Conventions, Sporting Events, Concerts, Corporate Events, Weddings! For any event close proximity pyrotechnic effects continue to be a very show stunning element.

Utilizing products such as Waterfall Gerbs, Standard Gerbs, Fountains, Mines, Tracers, Laser Comets, Flames, Concussion Reports, and many more multi shot effects, we offer our clients creative freedoms with no limits to make their events special.

State of the art wireless computerized firing systems as well as standard computerized firing systems allow us split second timing for designing any vision our clients may have. Our experience let’s us work with any space restraints for any indoor or outdoor event in close proximity.


For one time events or permanent installations all of our effects are sure to enhance any event as an attention audience grabber!!


At Aerial Art Inc we offer our clients a service designed to meet their custom needs. Pyrotechnics integrated with show or design elements, weather time code driven or manually fired cues bring any indoor or outdoor event that special effects excitement.






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